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Multivitamin Strips oem Private label oem

Product Model:CBS1005

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1 Multivitamin Strips oem Private label oem

2 Pharmaceutical & dietary supplement use
3 Private label
4 Oem Services is welcome

Product: Multivitamin Strips oem Private label oem


Vitamin and herbal breath edible diet strips in a fast-dissolving formula, a convenient way to maintain a healthy lifestyle and enjoy a new novelty at the same time. Through this special formula, a small breath strip that is placed on the tongue nearly instantly dissolves. It creates extreme minty flavor as it does so, which does create fresher breath. Breath diet edible strips is the revolutionary new way to enjoy the best supplements at a great price whilst eliminating the need of capsules and pills. We can provide the OEM & ODM services of breath diet edible strips.


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